On Becoming Better (and Blogging About It)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about… well, about a lot of things.

Mostly, about how I can be the best version of myself. About working to cultivate health and wellness; about finding my passions; deepening relationships with loved ones; creating new habits and traditions — and about this blog.

Specifically, how this blog can help me not only to do all of these things, but also to share them with others who are also doing some of this kind of exploring themselves.

I’ve worked hard over the last few years. In this last year especially, I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve finished up an intensive postgraduate PR program, started my job in political communications and digital media, moved to a new condo, begun work in earnest to resolve some health challenges, and been lucky enough to connect and reconnect with amazing friends and family near and far. It’s been a really busy year, and looking back on it, one full of a lot of big changes and accomplishments.

As I’ve moved through all of these experiences, I’ve begun to notice a pretty substantial shift in the way I approach life as a result.

I’ve realized that I have a lot more power over how I feel – emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically – than I ever thought possible. I know I’ve heard it and read it a million times before, but this time, it clicked.

And I think it’s because now I’ve actually felt it working. I adhere to a routine. I try to practice gratitude. I listen to my body. I take my health into my own hands. I feed myself good things and avoid the not-so-good. I follow my gut when making decisions. I choose my thoughts carefully. And I push myself to make meaningful connections.

It’s not always easy, and I don’t always get it right. But I’m always happy that I’m trying.

I want to start writing about things like these. Writing is an exercise in reflection, and this kind of focused contemplation will help me to deepen and clarify my own understanding of what I want and how I feel.

Additionally, though,  I can’t help but feel like writing is a way for me to forge a connection with others who may find themselves in similar adventures of learning about themselves… And that maybe we can learn together.

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